Order Conditions

Uz-Anar works with both B2C and B2B customers.

The term of order fulfillment depends on the product scope. All order details are discussed with customers on a case-by-case basis.

It takes up to 2 weeks to make a shyrdak of 5 m2. Wholesale orders up to 50 m2 – 1 month; orders up to 100 m2 – month and a half.

Upon approval of an order the customer makes 50% advance payment and will pay the remaining amount after delivery of the order.

Orders and products (including samples) up to 20 kg and 5 pieces are delivered by EMS Kyrgyz Post.

Delivery to the European countries takes a week, to the far-abroad countries (USA, Japan, Australia) – 12-14 days.

If necessary, urgent samples are delivered by Fed Ex. They are delivered within 4 business days.

Delivery within Kyrgyzstan is carried out during a day as agreed.

Business cargoes (45 kg or more) are delivered airport-to-airport with all supporting documents attached.

Special aspects of shyrdak ordering for customers to know:

  • As shyrdak is a handmade product, the size may slightly vary. The final size range is usually +5/+7 to -5 cm to or from the product width and length.
  • The color can be slightly brighter or lighter than ordered.
  • Two products at once are obtained when shyrdak and other products (ottomans, seat pads, and cushions) are made using the same yin and yang technique. The difference is that one sample has white background and black ornament and the other one has black background and white ornament. Please check with manufacturers on the website.
  • The products made under the same technique as shyrdak (ottomans, cushions, and seat pads) are true to size because the ornaments make it possible to control the size. 

If you decide to order, please fill in the order form and send it to uzanar08@gmail.com